About us

Welcome to Nectarist, the Mechelen urban apiary. 

Nectarist originated this year from the Mechelen-based urban apiary Pro-Polis. With our new name we refer to the fact that without nectar from flowers, plants and trees there would be no bees and beekeepers. As urban apiary, our message is to plant as many flowers as possible to save the bees.

You can come to Nectarist for the purchase of beekeeping equipment and beehive products. Not only in our webshop, but also in our store in Mechelen. We also have a blog in which concerns, news and tips are being shared.


Why in the city?

By placing beehives in urban areas, we want to draw attention to the issue of bee mortality. Cities are actually an ideal habitat for bees. Just think about the many gardens and parks where there is always something blooming. Since 2015, cities and large organizations are also no longer allowed to use pesticides and herbicides for the maintenance of public domains. Ideal for the bees.

Rural areas are somewhat less bee-friendly. There is a striking lack of food for the bees. The monocultures (the cultivation of a single crop) and in the first place the use of pesticides have ensured that bees (and other insects) can barely survive in rural areas.

But there is hope in sight for the bees. Sustainable awareness is growing among the population. Some people plant a lot of flowers and hardly use any pesticides. Companies are investing more and more in a sustainable future and the governments are launching many bee-friendly campaigns.



In the meantime, a "new generation" of beekeepers is emerging. These beekeepers primarily want to make an effort to increase the survival chances of bees. Harvesting honey is not a priority.

This beautiful hobby unfortunately hasn't become easier. In addition to the already mentioned threats, parasites and diseases are also an important challenge for the bees. That is why Nectarist wants to support (beginning) beekeepers in their hobby as well as possible: with high-quality equipment and advice.


How can you help?

Fortunately, not everyone has to become a beekeeper to help bees! You can also do your part by planting as many bee-friendly flowers, plants and trees as possible. This way bees will find enough pollen and nectar throughout the year. What is good for the bees is also good for other animals and ourselves. The bee symbolizes a sustainable society.


Our employees

Johan De Vleeshouwer is the founder of the Pro-Polis urban apiary, which was renamed Nectarist. He maintains a number of beehives on different locations in Mechelen and supports (beginning) beekeepers with advice and help.

Tim De Belder is the store manager in Mechelen. As a former florist, he has a great affinity with flowers and plants that are good for our bees.

Abdel Siraj ensures smooth processing of your online orders as logistics manager. His father is a beekeeper and he himself has caught the beekeeping microbe.

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