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  • AZ beehive – 3 hulls

    AZ beehive – 3 hulls

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    AZ beehive with 3 hulls.

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    Product description

    AZ beehive with 3 hulls.

    Please note these hives are already painted.

    The AZ hive has its origin in Slovenia. The beehive is designed by Anton Znidarsic, who made it possible to work on your bees from behind. This beehive has been used in Slovenia for over 100 years. The many coloured beehives are now part of the cultural heritage of this country.

    The success of this hive lies in its endless benefits. Everything is already present and the beekeeper does not have to run around with extra hulls and the like. Because you can work on the bees from behind, you do not always have to lift those heavy honey heights. Once installed, it is therefore very pleasant to work with, especially for your back! These beehives also take up less space and are stackable. Install the beehive in, for example, a garden house or bee house, to always be sheltered from rain or sun.

    There are also numerous advantages for the bees: the double-walled front ensures that the bees are much less subject to sudden temperature changes. Because the hives are stacked on top of each other, the bees also keep each other warm in winter, which ensures better development in winter. And because you work from behind, you don't have to "break open" the bee nest every time, which causes much less stress for the bees.

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