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    Beefondant is the perfect ingredient for making supplementary quality food for bees.

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    Make your own sugar suryp or sugar candy with Beefondant.

    Beefondant is guaranteed:

          • Without additives
          • Contains no non-digestable sugars
          • Without toxic compositions such as HMF (molecule toxic to bees, which forms when heating sucrose, glucose and fructose (from from 50°C))
          • Without artificial enzymes
          • Without preservatives
          • Ecological packaging
          • Long shelf life: 36 months
          • Easy to use

    Sugar candy in the spring:

    Begins from the end of winter. Guarantees a supplement of reserves for the bees. This ensures a better development of the colony.
    It is given preferably in the form of sugar dough / sugar candy.


          • Mix 90% Beefondant with 10% water; heat to 30-35°C to promote homogenization.
          • Or mix 86.4% Beefondant with 8.6% water and 5.0% honey. Store in packages or hermetic bags before use.

    Liquid feed in the winter:

    Takes places after the last honey harvest (end of August). The aim is to increase the queen's breeding capacity so as to strengthen the colony before winter.
    It is given preferably in the form of sugared solutions, light syrup.


          • Mix 60% beefondant with 40% water.
          • If necessary, heat at 30-35°C to speed up homogenization.
          • Ready to use.
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