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    • Beehives


      No bees without a hive: discover our large range of beehives in wood or plastic. This includes the most common types in Flanders, such as the Simplex hive that Nectarist also uses for beekeeping.

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    • Paint and maintenance

      Paint and maintenance

      While it’s not necessary to paint your hives, painting a hive is still very beneficial for the preservation of the hive and for the protection and identification of the bees. We offer a range of different colours and types of paint for both polystyrene an

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    • Honey harvest

      Honey harvest

      Nous vous proposons différents outils et équipements de récolte pour récolter le miel de vos ruches. Tous nos outils sont en acier inoxydable de qualité alimentaire. Tous nos extracteurs et équipements sont de marques Apini, Lega & Logar.

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    • Packaging


      Honey pretty much is the whole point of beekeeping right? After extracting and harvesting your honey, you can chose from our wide range of packages to store your harvested honey in! From round to hexagonal jars, with matching black or gold lid.

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    • Queen rearing

      Queen rearing

      Queen rearing, the challenging next step as a novice beekeeper! Do you want to further develop the qualities of one of your current queens? Then grow your own bee queens!

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    • Varroa  & hive hygiene

      Varroa & hive hygiene

      Discover our range of products to facilitate the well-being of all bee species.

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