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  • Double-walled sun wax melter : Solaris Inox

    Double-walled sun wax melter : Solaris Inox

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    Our Solaris Inox solar wax melter is an affordable and effective way to extract beeswax. Place the melter in the hot sunlight. The sun will do all the work and wax will drip into the functional and beautiful machine.

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    Product description

    This stainless steel double-walled solarwax melter Solaris (700x700 mm) contains a specially insulated tray to allow high temperatures, a stainless-steel internal drip tray and a perforated tray to retain impurities.

    There’s no need to use electricity or fuel to use the solar powered model as the sun does all the work. The wax melter catches the sun’s rays thanks to the glass on the front and the thick insulated walls prevent the heat from escaping.

    In this way, the required temperature (>62°C) to melt the wax is easily reached. The melted wax drips and is collected in the tray placed in the solar wax melter. The whole construction with the insulated walls make it possible to quickly reach very high indoor temperatures, so large quantities of wax can be melted quickly. The tank and internal parts are made of stainless steel, with a tank capacity of 6 liters.

    The double glazed front window is tampered and rimmed with a metal frame.

    The melter’s support ensures the wax melter to to turn towards the sun, for the best exposure and optimal melting of the wax.

    The solar wax melter is the safest tool for melting wax because it avoids electrical connections, resistors or the use of fuels. Stainless stell guarantees an infinite life.

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