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  • Ultimate starter kit + basic beekeeping course

    Ultimate starter kit + basic beekeeping course

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    Starting from scratch? Then this starter kit offers you all the tools you need to get going with your first hive. You’ll also be granted access to our online basic beekeeping course to brush up on your bee information.

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    Product description

    Starting from scratch? Then this whole package deal offers you all the tools you need to get going with your first hive. It is hands down one of the best ways to get started in beekeeping. You’ll also be granted access to our online basic beekeeping course (worth 239 euros) to brush up on your bee information: you’ll know perfectly where you stand and what is possible.


    • Stainless steel hive tool with lever (€11,50): this stainless steel hive tool not only has a flat and sharp side to pry the nest boxes apart. It also includes a narrow hook to loosen window frames and boxes. That will bee useful, since bees use propolis to seal the entire hive.
    • Stainless steel smoker (80 mm diameter) with heat shield (€25,50) to calm the bees: once you switch on this smoker, you can easily work with it for half an hour. This particular stainless steel smoker contains a heat shield and a handy hook so the smoker can be conveniently hung at the edge of your hatchery. The small version is certainly sufficient for a “new-bee” beekeeper.
    • Smoke capsules for the smoker (€3,50): these smoke capsules are very easy to ignite and smoke for a fairly long time. Do you need more smoke? Then light up several capsules.
    • Brush with viber (€8): these sturdy bristles prevent the bees from sticking in the hatchery.

    My first hive:

    • A complete simplex hive on one brood hull containing 11 window frames, finished with stainless steel wire and brass eyes (€119,75)
    • 1 liter of propoleum to rub the outside and the inside of the beehive, in order to provide ideal protection against all natural elements and protect the inside of the beehive against possible condensation moisture. The bottle of propoleum contains propolis, which cleans and protects the hive. The strong antibacterial effect fully benefits the health of the bee colony (€17,5).
    • Certified wax wafers to melt into the window frames of your hive. It creates a nice basic structure for bees to build their nests. You can easily and quickly check the bee colony later on by removing the window frames from the hive (€21,9).

    Melting wax wafers:

    • The wire tensioner gives you the opportunity of knurling and tensioning the stainless steel wire. The wax wafer thus has more contact surface to melt into. This sturdy model definitely gets our preference (€11,5).
    • By using the transformer, you heat the ends of the stainless steel wire, so that the wax wafer or wax comb foundation melts into the window frame. Release in time, so that the wax wafer does not fall through either (€49).
    • The brass eyes (€5,95) and stainless steel wire (€4,95) will help you to restore these windows at a later stage. Tip: place the wax wafers against the bottom of the window frame. The busy bees will certainly work on closing the open area on top!

    Protect yourself against bees:

    • Beekeepers vest with round veil (€39). The round veil gives a 360° unobstructed view. The cotton vest is equipped with several pockets, useful for stuffing in tools. The zippers are of good quality, without using plastic.
    • The leather gloves (€14,95) are easy and smooth to use. They don’t wear too big or too tight around the fingers to perfectly keep you in touch with the bee colony.

    Please indicate your sizes (S-M-L-XL-XXL) via the information window or contact form.

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