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    Discover our wide selection of pure honey, harvested with the utmost respect for honeybees: just as nature intended.

    Artisan, Belgian Honey straight from the beekeeper 

    Nectarist provides you with the tastiest and locally produced honey, all year round. Our range and supplies of honey depend on the season. But be our guest, because every season is accompanied by a delicious version of Winnie The Pooh’s favourite treat: ranging from the creamiest spring honey to liquid balsam honey.

    How honey is made

    Honey is an all-natural product, manufactured by our brilliant honey bees! The super-important worker bees leave the beehive to collect nectar and pollen. Our buzzing friends extract the nectar out of plants and flowers and pass it to the house bees to be processed into honey afterwards. Piece of cake? Quite unbee-lievable!

    Honey bees are fab flyers, so they easily store the nectar in their special honey stomach whilst flying to the beehive. Their ‘cocktail shaking’ bodies mix the nectar with saliva and special enzymes: the production of the sugary treat is launched. This process takes a while though. To fill their honey bellies completely, they must visit about 150 flowers. Full belly? Then it’s finally time to hit the B-lines and return to the beehive. Honey I’m home! Time to donate the honey to the other bees. They add even more enzymes, so that the sugar chains are processed in such a way that they are easier to digest.

    When this is all set, the honey is deposited into the cells of the honeycombs. Our brilliant bugs hermetically seal the comb with wax so the honey can ripen further into a mouth-watering, syrupy substance.

    How to harvest the wonderful honey? 

    Luckily for us, our buzzing bee friends produce up to 2 or 3 times more honey than they actually need. The surplus of this tasty treat can therefore be harvested by the beekeeper. Our experienced beekeepers act carefully in order not to harm the bees. All our honey is flung cold. We do not heat the honey during our honey-making process to preserve the beneficial nutrients. 

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