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    A drop of Propolis a day, keeps the doctor away: discover the healing power of propolis!

    What is propolis?

    Pro-what? Propolis is the dark brown, sticky substance honey bees create from the resin and sap, gathered from the buds of trees and plants. Propolis is a remarkable natural remedy with an antibacterial and antifungal effect. Bees use propolis to hermetically seal their hives and ward off any threatening germs. 

    How is propolis made?

    The busy bees not only collect nectar and pollen, but also sap and tree resin for producing propolis. The bees rework these ingredients on site, in flight and in the beehive itself. The result of this special distillation is the sticky substance called propolis: a source of antioxidants and nutrients!

    Benefits of propolis

    Bees use their homemade propolis to seal holes and cracks and fortify their nests. Propolis is therefore a natural cement that offers the bees protection against harmful external influences such as bacteria, mould, humidity and unwanted intruders. The propolis reshapes the beehive into a warm and safe cocoon during the tough winter months.

    Propolis is yet another medicinal bee product with a natural antifungal and antibacterial effect and a range of beneficial effects on human health. The propolis pastilles are for oral administration whereas you may favour a propolis cream to heal wounds and treat acne, eczema or burns. In addition, propolis is a powerful plant-derived means to (preventively) fight a cold and relieve symptoms such as cough, a sore throat and fever. 

    Propolis supplements exist in a variety of shapes and substances. Our online store offers propolis tincture, syrup, capsules and pastilles. These biological nostrums increase your immune system and soothe toothaches. It also has long been used as a remedy for fever or a cough.

    We offer propolis supplements in the form of:

    1. Propolis tincture and pastilles, which are good for:
    • Boosting the immune system
    • Fighting fever
    • Relieving symptoms such as a cough
    • Fighting dental pain
    1. Propolis syrup and throat lozenges, which are good for: 
    • Treating a sore throat
    • Soothing the respiratory tract
    • Freeing up your breathing
    • Creating an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect

    Harvesting propolis

    Want to extract propolis from the beehive yourself? Then apply a propolis grid to your apiary! The bees fill the holes in the grid that are too small with propolis. You know what that’s all about? It’s because they consider the holes in the grid to be open cracks in the beehive. Their instinctive behaviour provides every beekeeper with a grid full of propolis, how convenient! Remove the grid from the apiary, put it in the freezer for a while and then simply knock off the propolis.

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