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    Become a beekeeper

    You would like to become a beekeeper, but you have no idea on how to get started? Then enroll for an online course at Nectarist Academy: our online learning platform for future beekeepers and beekeepers who want to dig even deeper into the wonderful world

    Get to know the basics of beekeeping at Nectarist Academy

    Nectarist organizes an online beekeeping course that teaches you all about the basic beekeeping and more. Nectarist Academy is the learning platform for new and experienced beekeepers who feel like immersing themselves (even more) in the fascinating life of a bee and a healthy apiary.

    Curious about how to produce the perfect golden glazed honey to drizzle on your morning toast? Johan uses all of his experience to support you in your small-scale backyard beekeeping! The content of the course is always at your fingertips: this allows you to convey the course from a distance and at your own pace.

    The basic course ‘becoming a beekeeper’ consists of four major parts:

    1. The life of the bee
    2. The apiary and equipment
    3. Beekeeping: basic concepts and tips
    4. A healthy hive

    You can download the full table of contents here (NL).

    JYou can take classes at Necarist Academy via our online e-learning platform called Kajabi. Immediately after your registration, you’ll be granted access to this portal for 365 days. This ensures you to start our course at your own chosen time!

    Beekeeping: what does it all mean?

    The course consists of:

    • 4 major parts with a total of 17 chapters
    • 99 bite-sized instructional videos
    • A virtual course book of more than 160 pages
    • 1 year access to the full online course material (renewable)
    • Access to a private Facebook group with fellow students
    • Support from Johan and his team: for all your questions and comments.

    Theory and practice

    Our Nectarist beekeepers teach you all the tricks of the trade via the online learning platform ‘Nectarist Academy’. At the start of the course, the focus is mainly on the theoretical part. Afterwards we pay great attention to the practical beekeeping chores. You set up your own apiary and are responsible for the care of your own healthy hives, so you’ll quickly grow into the role of a competent beekeeper!

    Our beekeepers explain – step by step – how to keep bees and produce honey throughout the season. We discuss the suitable beekeeping methods we use ourselves and treat all topics with an open mind. You’ll soon be rewarded with large amounts of honey to savour!

    Learn at your own pace

    All lesson components of the basic beekeeping course follow each other chronologically. Did you successfully pass a lesson component? Then you’ll get access to the following. This way, you’ll build up your knowledge step by step and at your own pace.

    In addition to online videos, you’ll also receive a virtual course book including all the discussed information right after each lesson. Need a refresher training? Our pleasure! We’ll test your knowledge with a small quiz including questions from a database containing at least 175 questions. You’ll catch on quickly!


    Feel like becoming a beekeeper?
    Try risk-free for 30 days!

    We solemnly swear! When signing up for our beekeeping course, you’ll receive a 30-day money-back guarantee! So the course is not quite your thing? Then you shouldn’t mind sending us an email within 30 days of purchase. We’ll refund the course fee in full. Feel like continuing your course at Nectarist Academy after the trial period? Then you’ll receive the complete course book in a PDF file.

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